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Bernard Jewelers is a family owned and operated jeweler. We have a wide selection of jewelry in stock with options for every budget.

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Most repairs take about a week

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Bridal Jewelry in Tewksbury, MA

"It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end"

- Ernest Hemingway

We would love to help you with your journey. Visit us to learn more about Bridal Jewelry.

Meet Our Family

Bernard started off at 18 years old as an apprentice and has been in Jewelry ever since. Bernard takes as much pride in his quality workmanship as Suzan takes in assisting customers find just the right piece of jewelry to fit their needs and their pocketbook. This intricate weaving of teamwork and expertise has lead to great success in our business.

Alex and Gabi have been working full time since graduating Tewksbury High. They received their education from working in the family business as well as at the Gemological Institute of America.

Bernard Jewelers Family Business


I brought in my antique (family heirloom) engagement ring because a stone fell out. I was considering having the diamonds reset in a new band due to the condition of my current band. I had mixed feelings about it, but I thought I had no other option. The woman who helped me advised me to fix my ring instead. They did, and it looks absolutely stunning! It was ready in two days. I am so grateful for the advice and am glad I kept my ring in its original setting. Another jeweler could have easily taken advantage of my situation. Upstanding family-owned business with great integrity. Will definitely go back to repair other pieces and maybe buy a little something for myself one of these days!

-Carri Kimball

Great insight into how to select a diamond, without it being a sales pitch. No pressure into buying a product I wasn't 100% sure of. They took their time with me to explain how to identify the diamond I could afford and manipulate the 4 C's in a way that maximized what I was looking for while minimizing the imperfections that came along with it. I valued cut and color the most. I was showed how certain imperfections in clarity can be hidden to even a trained eye, and looking for diamonds that had the Carat size, Color, and Cut I wanted using clarity to get down into my price range without settling for a diamond loaded with dark carbon spots. They clean for free.

-Michael Jarvis

I recently went to Bernard’s to have an engagement ring made. My stones were old and odd-sized, and I was very indecisive. Not only did they help me pick all the perfect pieces, they told me honestly when what I wanted wouldn’t look good. And on top of all that, they stayed in my budget and custom made in shop a ring better than I could’ve imagined. I will cherish it forever and always go back!          

-Zach Mackeil

My experience with the customer service, repairs and jewelry pieces bought from Bernard Jewelers are exceptional! They are most accommodating to the customer's needs, extremely knowledgeable and dependable. I love having repairs done on the premises. Additionally, they are so flexible with having jewelry pieces designed and/or placed in varied settings to suit specific styles. They stand behind their workmanship. I have been going to Bernard's for over 15 years and highly recommend them.


Writing reviews can be tricky. I've written a lot. When it comes to Bernard's Jewelers, it's easy.  There could not be a more honest, down to earth, sincere, and friendly business around.  My family and I have been dealing with Bernard's for years.  From my father to my daughter, they are our go-to.  Suzan is amazing.  She genuinely cares about you and always remembers to ask about my father.  She shares her stories and listens to yours.  I tell you this because her compassion portrays to her family and her business. We've had everything from ear piercing to broken necklaces fixed here.  They made an amazing ring from old jewelry done into the most beautiful piece that is second to none.  We wouldn't go anywhere else.


I literally travelled the world from Sydney, Australia, to Tewksbury to have an engagement ring and wedding band made for my now wife in 2014. When I was back in Tewksbury this past week, we returned to Bernard's to have my wife's white gold engagement and wedding rings cleaned and re-plated. Suzan and Bernard did a 1 day turn-around as we were flying home to Australia the next day. It's great to have such a team of professionals who are so passionate about what they do. These are people who go the extra mile to provide the highest quality service, advice, and products to their customers. Jewelry is a business where you need to trust who you are working with. Trust is the cornerstone of our friendship with Bernard's Jewelers. We look forward to coming back on our next trip!